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With a new location in Hammersbach, B+S breaks the 500,000 square meter mark in logistics space in Germany

Press release

Borgholzhausen/Hammersbach, May 11, 2022 – With the takeover of an existing logistics property in Hammersbach in the north-eastern Rhine-Main area, B+S GmbH Logistik und dienstleistungen is reacting to the constantly increasing customer demand for space and logistics services. The approximately 40,000 square meters in the “Limes” commercial area in Hammersbach offer short-term space for several customers of the logistics service provider. This includes a major customer from the food sector, for whom B+S will in future handle B2B and B2C business from the Rhine-Main area. To this end, B+S will create 250 to 300 jobs in Hammersbach in the short term..

With the new location in Hammersbach near the new logistics building currently being built in Alzenau, B+S is expanding its presence in the Rhine-Main area. The company will take over the logistics property in the middle of this year and will operate it as a multi-user location in the future.

Strategic expansion as an e-commerce location

In addition to the existing property, the logistics service provider is also investing in the technical requirements of the modern location. This includes a pick tower with around 400,000 pick compartments. “The high-quality equipment of the location is an advantage for us in order to be able to start operations quickly for our customers,” says B+S Managing Director Stefan Brinkmann. In addition, the favorable infrastructure location directly on the A45 motorway and the existing equipment are suitable for establishing the Hammersbach location as another central e-commerce fulfillment hotspot for the logistics service provider.

Gain for community, B+S and labor market?

The mayor of the municipality of Hammersbach, Michael Göllner, is also pleased about the settlement of B+S in the “Limes” commercial area and the associated creation of new and secure jobs in the region: “I am very pleased that we have succeeded in getting a seamless follow-on lease to find. It is important for us that a reliable company could be settled here that also has the needs of the special-purpose municipalities and the employees in mind. After the talks with the company, I and my colleagues Adolf Ludwig and Benjamin Harris are confident that we have achieved a win for the entire region.”

The takeover of the property in Hammersbach is a step in a larger growth process for the logistics service provider. With three new openings in 2022 in Alzenau, Hammersbach and Sottrum in northern Germany, B+S has broken the 500,000 square meter logistics space mark throughout Germany. “Especially in times of the enormous lack of space in Germany, it is not a matter of course to always be able to provide suitable space for our growing customers – and that too in the immediate vicinity of our other large location in the Rhine-Main area in Alzenau, which we allows for maximum staff flexibility,” says Stefan Brinkmann. “We would therefore also like to thank the municipality of Hammersbach for the appreciative cooperation and support for a short-term settlement, which not only benefits our customers, but also the job market in Hammersbach and the surrounding area.”