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Value-added services: We increase the value of your goods for you

Do you use various sales channels for your products – always geared to achieving the highest returns? Our value-added services make you particularly flexible in the market and increase the value of your product range. We get creative for you, starting with the design of your displays and including their installation at the point of sale (POS). At the same time, we maintain the outstanding quality of your products and also offer you services that will allow you to optimise your processes. Bring the revenues in!

Our added-value services for your product

Customers buy if they like what they see: which is why we design attractive displays, fabricate them using the materials of your choice, fill them and position them in the perfect place at the point of sale. To present your goods in the best possible way, we also package them as attractively as possible – preferably in films and blister packs where they are always clearly visible.

If your products become part of a discount campaign or special offer, we will label your products accordingly with everything that underlines their value – from offer prices to product information. We put your goods together in whatever constellation you would like and then package them – as an enclosure, a new range or a promotional mailing – by hand or in our packing stations. And if your customers’ expectations have changed since your production, we will also carry out the necessary further processing on your behalf.

Our value-added services go far beyond your goods

Is your product freshly labelled, newly packaged and prepared? Then we can certainly do more for you. Our value-added services extend far beyond your goods themselves: we enhance your processes too. We can handle your purchasing of materials for packaging, for example, or the procurement and organisation of loading aids. We can also create barcodes for you and process your returns efficiently. Do you want to optimise your processes even further? We would be happy to advise you on potential savings.

Quality checks create added value

Is the high quality of your goods a top priority for you? Then place your trust in our value-added services. As soon as we receive your goods, we look at random samples for you and check the product quality for compliance with your specific requirements. With regular checks and qualified personnel, we make sure that your quality standards are maintained – at every stage in your supply chain.

Are you looking for a service provider who can offer you exactly the additional services you need?