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Site development:
From the ideal location to short transport routes

Do you want to put optimal logistics structures into place for your product portfolio and are you looking for the best possible location? We assist you in planning your logistics network and sweep into action for you in the early stages of selecting the perfect location. Here, we examine optimal transport connections, but also the distribution channels that are cost-effective for you. Once the best possible location has been found, we support you in planning the warehouse and coordinate the construction of the new logistics buildings – individually tailored to your needs. As a full-service provider, we then manage the entire construction phase and the equipping of the warehouse on your behalf. And, of course, we also take care of the operation of the facility for you, with our extensive range of contract logistics and value-added services.

Logistics facilities – resource-conserving and sustainable

Do you have special demands regarding the environmental balance of your new property and at the same time want to keep maintenance costs as low as possible? Then you can benefit from our expertise in evaluating and following established building standards. We take future resource requirements into account right from the early property planning and construction stages in order to minimise any impact on the environment and the surroundings. To this end, we take a full life-cycle approach to building planning and ensure responsible and sustainable use of resources. When managing the property, we take advantage of the latest LED lighting technology and pay attention to the energy efficiency of our operations. And it is not only your goods we are thinking about when we plan and build the warehouse. The employees in the logistics facilities and in the office areas will also benefit from a safe and comfortable working environment. But sustainability means even more to us: we design the tailor-made facility to be as flexible as possible. For you, this means: however your business and your product range develop – our spaces can adapt accordingly.

Our services for the selection and development of your site at a glance:

Are you looking for a logistics provider who can develop the perfect logistics facility for you?