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Are you looking for a highly efficient logistics partner who understands you and your business? Then you have come to the right place! As a logistics service provider on level terms, we are fully focussed on your growth and provide you with comprehensive advice. Of course, you would like to be sure before you decide on us. This is why we provide references for you to examine. See who we have already inspired and become one of our satisfied customers.

Case studies

Am Standort Paderborn stehen 30.000 m² Logistikfläche auf 14m Hallenhöhe zur Verfügung.

So that the barbecue season is a success

B+S controls the supply chain to the end customer for Grillfuerst.
  • Coordination of the logistical processes
  • Storage, picking and packaging
  • Control of distribution to trade and end customers
“Barbecuing is our passion. Our focus is on fulfilling the wishes of our customers. In B+S we have found a partner who, with their logistical expertise, will help us to achieve this goal. Especially in the B2C delivery of thousands of end customers from a warehouse. The flexibility, the quick response to many daily challenges and the deep expertise in automated processes make the collaboration what it is. For example in the area of networking the IT systems.” (Ralf Geishauser from Grillfuerst GmbH)
B+S controls the fiery supply chains on many channels
The specialist supplier Grillfuerst provides barbecue enthusiasts with everything they need for successful barbecues – from the heart, the grill, to the right accessories and charcoal. B+S GmbH Logistics and Services controls the complex logistics as part of the supply chain from the new location in Paderborn.
The challenge: Where are the glowing coals?
As Germany’s number one specialist grill retailer, the company carries more than 5,000 products from 80 well-known brands. Just like the Grillfuerst teams, the provider’s customers have a strong passion for the theme world of grilling. This includes innovative and modern devices as well as a comprehensive service. As a multi-channel retailer, Grillfuerst offers the products directly to end consumers via its own online shop, but also via its own stationary shops. In the B2B sector, he also supplies the food retail trade (LEH) and other trade levels. The goods arriving in pallets at the B+S site in Paderborn – for example from the deep sea port of Hamburg – must therefore be stored and then distributed in well-structured processes, adapted to the various distribution channels. In addition, Grillfuerst’s business cycle is particularly closely linked to the seasons and is characterized by a high degree of seasonality. The trading peaks for the specialist retailer are mainly in the spring, before the barbecue season reaches its peak for the end consumer in the summer. The logistical handling of these peaks and the diversity in volume related to products and sales channels requires scalable, fast and flexible processes at B+S.
The solution: So that the heat quickly lands where it belongs
For Grillfuerst, B+S takes care of the logistics to the end customer, including storage and delivery to the various points of sale. This entire logistical process, from the receipt of goods at the Paderborn warehouse to the ramp at the next level dealer or the front door of the private barbecue enthusiast, becomes the core of the B+S service. Pure transport or storage is only the foundation of a much more comprehensive solution. Factors such as flexibility, the ability to react quickly to challenges that change on a daily basis and deep process integration characterize the cooperation between retail customers and logistics service providers. And for very urgent orders, express shipping with a next-day delivery guarantee is even available.
IT integration rounds things off like a kettle grill
For this reason, B+S relies on the combination of block storage technology with an automatic shuttle system for even more efficient processes in Paderborn and also integrates its own processes with a high level of expertise via interfaces into the customer’s IT processes. Logistics is thus triggered immediately after the order is placed. This ensures fast processes from ordering to delivery and meets the high expectations of Grillfuerst customers. The combination of the requirements of retail and business with end customers in connection with a heterogeneous product structure requires an effective integration of IT solutions. At the site, B+S maps processes with high individual volumes for retail as well as the smaller processes from Grillfuerst’s e-commerce business. Regardless of whether the company transports accessories by the pallet to the food retail trade or maps the shipping of a large grill to individual customers. Many different sales channels must be digitally connected to the warehouse management system via IT interfaces. The same applies to the transport management system of CEP service providers and freight forwarders.
The result: what counts in the end
If the person ordering a new gas grill receives the product in the promised time or the range of grilling accessories is in front of the supermarket around the corner on time, B+S and Grillfuerst can tick off a mutually well-rounded service. Because the logistics service provider has guaranteed a complete process and Grillfuerst has fulfilled its promise to customers. Grillfuerst’s multi-channel trading concept requires a high level of flexibility from the logistics service provider and in-depth knowledge of quality assurance standards. This applies to the existing business. However, B+S and Grillfuerst have also entered into a cooperation for the future. Because the business of the mail order company will continue to grow. The services of B+S will follow suit.
Gemeinsamer Auflieger von animonda und B+S.

Growing successfully – together

The market for high-quality pet food is growing: almost one in two German households has a pet – and the trend is rising. animonda petcare GmbH is one of the companies profiting from this trend. The company, based in Bad Rothenfelde to the south of the Teutoburg Forest, is on the road to success. In the past five years alone, the pet food specialist has doubled its order volume. In order to cope with this rapid development in terms of logistics, the company has relied on B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen for the last twelve years. With success: the logistics service provider manages storage and transport and provides numerous value-added services. A newly built logistics facility has significantly increased the company’s capacity and the next expansion is already in the pipeline.
For many people in Germany, they are part of the family: an estimated 34 million pets in Germany live under the same roof with their owners. And all these pets need the right food in their bowls as well as tender loving care. For more than 25 years, animonda has specialised in the distribution of pet food for cats and dogs. The main focus is on meeting the high quality standards. The company’s own veterinarians and nutritionists work closely with experts from German and European universities to continuously develop new products. The products are designed to ensure healthy and appropriate nutrition and cater to the various needs of our four-legged friends – to accommodate allergies or metabolic disorders, for example.
Rapid growth necessitates additional space

The product range of the pet food expert has grown at a steady rate. “More and more pet owners now attach importance to high-quality nutrition for their pets. At the time, animonda needed much larger storage and shipping capacities for its products”, explains Marco Lubberich, who has been Managing Director of the company since 2014. Against this backdrop of dramatic growth, the company from Bad Rothenfelde set out twelve years ago to find a partner who had modern logistics facilities in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region and could also meet the highest quality standards in the pet care industry.

And so, it was in 2007 that the cooperation with B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen began. The medium-sized logistics company also provides logistics services in other areas for Heristo AG, the parent company of animonda petcare GmbH. Moreover, B+S offers the advantage of intensive expertise in the business area of the pet food specialist.

“Above all, it was the high quality standards that B+S sets for its own work that immediately won over our management at the time”, reports the manager. In addition to professional storage and delivery to specialist stores and wholesalers, the logistics service provider also provides numerous value-added services. The value-added services range from quality controls to the fabrication of sales display systems.

Thanks to rapid growth, both sides have continued to expand their cooperation over the years – a truly Herculean task: Over the past five years, the order volume has doubled to around 25,000 pallet spaces, which is five times the volume of 2007. The next official opening of a new logistics area is already in the offing.

High point of joint growth

The opening of a newly constructed 12,500 square metre logistics facility in the immediate vicinity of the company’s headquarters in 2017 marked an important milestone. “After many years of working together, this was the next logical step for us”, says Marco Lubberich. The facility in Borgholzhausen was specially designed to meet the customer’s requirements in order to guarantee the high quality of the products. Animonda operates its own office with associated marketing services, which supplies pet breeders directly. The pet food specialist’s experts also take care of quality control on site. This involves taking samples from incoming goods and checking them to make sure they are in good condition and undamaged.

Like all 10 locations of the logistics service provider, this facility is also certified according to the recognised IFS standard and thus meets the highest quality requirements. For B+S, the pet care segment has developed into a driver with double-digit growth rates. During the expansion of its capacity, the service provider relocated its headquarters to the new site in Borgholzhausen. In order to cope with the seasonal peaks of its customers, B+S now employs 750 employees across all its locations. This also benefits animonda’s flourishing business.

In addition, the logistics service provider offers the company real added value when it comes to IT: using software, the pet food specialist can precisely trace back individual batches at all the locations. And when animonda renewed its IT infrastructure four years ago, the IT specialists at B+S set up an interface to its own ERP system in order to ensure process reliability.

And so the course is set for continued growth in the future. “B+S is always able to react quickly to new requirements. Without a reliable partner at our side, we would not have been able to grow so quickly”, says Managing Director Marco Lubberich, pleased with the long-standing partnership on equal terms.

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