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Automation – with understanding for more efficiency in your logistics

Whether in e-commerce fulfillment or warehouse logistics: the logistics market offers a multitude of solutions for the automation of processes – and the trend is rising. Many of these solutions promise an intralogistic marvel. And that’s often the case. Because automation helps to increase the efficiency of the processes in the warehouse through faster processing, for example in shipping or picking.

Automation at B+S

To do this, we are already using automation technology at selected locations for our customers. From fully automated high-bay warehouses to packing robots and goods-to-man picking to automatic loading ramps: When used correctly, we can help you make logistics processes more efficient with our automation know-how. With this we achieve:

Here you can see what it looks like at our location in Bremen.

One solution for all challenges?

Every customer and every requirement is individual. This is why there is no off-the-shelf solution at B+S. This also applies to the use of automation. Because we consider together with you in which area the investment in automation technology is suitable for your processes and goals and which will really bring you further. This is what we mean by: automating with intelligence.

Our fully automated high-bay warehouse in numbers

134 meters long

13 levels

26 meters wide

Storage / retrieval of up to 170 pallets per hour

26.45 meters high

six storage and retrieval machines

Space for 20,200 euro pallets

two single shelf and five double shelf rows

Our 14 robots in numbers

3 robots for depalletizing and 2 robots for palletizing

approx. 100 euro pallets per shift (8h)

7 picking robots and 2 robots as tray inserters

up to 30 trays per minute

Plan the automation strategy for your logistics!