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Logistic services: from B+S for you

Start the action – with our services at a glance!

Logistics processes as efficiency and cost guzzlers? It doesn’t have to be. Because with a logistics concept tailored to your company, you receive exactly the services that increase your performance. Several services outsourced to a logistics service provider also generate synergy effects that put your company on the road to success in the long term. You can find out which services we can take over for you here.

One for all and all for one sounds trite – but it is not. Because with our contract logistics we keep an eye on all the challenges of your supply chain and optimize them for you with our highly qualified team.

Whether start-up or online retail giant: no player in online retail can do without efficient e-commerce logistics services. Because they not only ensure the growth of your online business, but also meet the expectations of your customers!

Logistics without space? An impossibility. The logistics areas have to be as diverse as the products you offer. You will receive the right space and the associated warehouse logistics services from B+S.

Acting quickly, working transparently and ensuring safety: that is the job of pharmaceutical logistics specialists. Because we give everything to ensure that your highly sensitive goods can be used in the medical field without hesitation.

Services in the warehouse are one thing. But what is in the warehouse has to be on the road at some point. To do this, we coordinate your flow of goods and offer tailor-made transport solutions with which you can travel safely in Germany and Europe.

Do you stand behind your products and want them to be well received by your customers? Then rely on our value-added services that give your items the finishing touch – from pre-assembly to display construction.

Fast, flexible and timely services are essential if you want to offer your promotional goods. How many services do we put in the often short period of time between planning and delivery?

Is it all a question of location? Logistics services are our passion. We can provide them at ideally located and well-equipped locations. So that everything fits your location, we develop and plan it with you!

If you do not recognize yourself in any of our services, but are still looking for an experienced logistics service provider, let us advise you. We will find the right solution for you!

Are you looking for a partner at eye level for your logistics?