Our direct line for your logistics enquiries

Do you want to make a quick and easy logistics or freight enquiry, or would you like advice regarding your project? Contact our sales department directly for answers to your questions. Call us or send us an e-mail. We are here to help you!


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 366
E-mail: vertrieb@b-slogistik.de

Our specialist departments

Does your enquiry call for a contact person from a specific business area? If so, you will find the right department for your specific question here. Call us or send us an e-mail. We are here to help you!


Charter freight, lorry scheduling, fleet management


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 329
E-mail: dispo@b-slogistik.de

Financial Accounting

Accounts receivable and accounts payable, dunning, payment transactions, personnel accounting


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 700
E-mail: buchhaltung@b-slogistik.de

Customer service

Shipment tracking, delivery receipts, claims processing


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 339
E-mail: service@b-slogistik.de

Loading Aid Management

Procurement of loading aids, central pallet account management


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 349
E-mail: lhm@b-slogistik.de

Human Ressources

Work and service contracts for trade and industry, consulting regarding your project


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 160
E-mail: personal@b-slogistik.de

Billing Department

Invoicing for freight and storage, consignment recording


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 309
E-mail: abrechnung@b-slogistik.de


Marketing, purchasing, administration


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 399
E-mail: info@b-slogistik.de

Central Sales Department

Logistics and freight enquiries, tender management, logistics consulting regarding your project, customer service


Phone: +49 5425 2797 – 366
E-mail: vertrieb@b-slogistik.de

You are welcome to contact us

Would you like to know more about B+S or our services? You still haven’t found what you were looking for? Don’t worry. You are welcome to contact us.


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