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E-commerce fulfilment: Smart solutions for online trade

E-commerce is your opportunity for dynamic growth. Place your trust in a logistics partner who not only has your expansion in mind, but will also promote your online business in the long term. From start-ups to marketplace providers, from niche products to brand-name products: we continue to develop your e-business!

Has your start-up successfully set up an online shop – with a range of products from foodstuffs to lifestyle products? If your business really takes off and your sales in the online marketplaces increase, we are there to support you. Our logistics services create good opportunities for you to compete against the giants in the booming e-commerce market.

We work together to ensure the perfect customer experience in your online shop. This involves creating an attractive and unique design, connections to marketplaces and effective online marketing measures that reach your customers directly. We combine our online service solution with physical storage and shipping logistics: we receive your goods, check them and store them in such a way that their path to the shipping department is optimised for speed.

When your customer clicks on the “Order” button, this sets various things in motion for us: we receive the order from your online shop automatically and we pick the ordered items and pack them. At our shipping stations we select the optimal shipping route for each order. As soon as a package leaves our warehouse, our shipment tracking system is available for you and your customers to use. With insights into the progress of every process, we create maximum transparency – for the highest level of customer satisfaction. If a customer decides not to keep an item, we also manage the entire returns process for you. We are there for your start-up – right from the beginning!

Our own IT resources – a great advantage for you

Online shops and digital logistics – a perfect fit! Thanks to our professional IT connection, you always know where you stand – with your inventory, financially and in terms of shipping status. By accessing your personal dashboard, you have permanent transparency with regard to your important KPIs and order processing statuses. We handle all IT tasks using our own resources. You can choose whether you want to work with our software (e.g. Pixi) or your own system.
Über den Zugriff auf Ihr persönliches Dashboard haben Sie permanente Transparenz über für Sie wichtige KPIs und Auftragsbearbeitungsstände.

We offer a standardised interface to many shop and marketplace systems. We can also set up your own customised interface at any time. We create tailored templates for e-mails and receipts. We also integrate online shops, marketplaces and carriers. We combine your shop system with physical storage and shipping logistics. Because we have our own IT resources, we can guarantee you fast, flexible and professional support in all IT matters.

From niche products to brand-name goods: we are your logistics partner for every online shop!

Our e-commerce fulfilment services for you:

  • Master data maintenance for customer data
  • Order acceptance
  • Order entry and processing
  • Processing of customer enquiries by telephone and e-mail
  • Management of claims and complaints, including statistical evaluation
  • Cancellations
  • Customer service for retail customers and end customers
  • Billing document in the name of the customers
  • Dealer support
  • First level technical support

Always on first Friday in September, we hold our E-Commerce BBQ at our Bielefeld site. Here we offer you a holistic view of digital commerce – from marketplace strategies, multi-channel concepts, social media, online marketing, mass customisation and the digitisation of value chains through to sustainable packaging management and logistics.

Engage in a lively exchange of ideas about the opportunities and requirements of e-commerce and gain an insight into the future of digital trade. Secure your ticket for the next event now. Use the code WEBSITE for a 20% discount on the current ticket price.

SAVE THE DATE: 1 September 2023, Fuggerstr. 17, 33689 Bielefeld, Germany


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E-commerce processes at B+S


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Are you looking for a fulfilment partner who offers the right solutions for your e-commerce business?