Returns management:
We increase your efficiency

Success in online trade involves more than generating a high sales volume. Another vital factor is the fast, reliable and systematic processing of returns. This is why B+S offers efficient returns management for online and mail order businesses. We ensure that every returned item is inspected, processed, repackaged and put back into circulation. Benefit from our logistics expertise and boost your success.

Short return times and fast refunds

Make a good impression on your customers with excellent service and quality even when it comes to returning goods. We take care of the entire supply chain for returns and ensure that all packages are returned directly to the warehouse without any detours. Benefit from our short return times. These support the swift processing of every return and ensure that your customers are reimbursed quickly. This means that you waste no valuable time and can offer a consistently high quality of service to ensure the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

ABC classification: it’s all a question of class!

After a returned package has been successfully received, we examine each item for you. Based on various criteria, which we work out together with you, we carry out an ABC classification of each returned item. We then initiate the next steps immediately and ensure that your goods are quickly put back on the market. We are also happy to take care of the sustainable disposal of defective goods for you.

Fast availability of goods – for returns too

If the returned goods and their packaging are in perfect condition, we immediately add the item to your inventory. The item is then quickly available to interested buyers and can be put on sale again. Make sure no time is wasted during the processing of returns – let us take care of it!

Carefully packaged and back to the warehouse

Is the packaging of the item damaged? Or was the item returned with a different outer package? We make sure that your products are properly packaged and made available for resale. After the returned goods have passed rigorous quality control checks and been assessed, we get to work and make sure that each item is back in its correct packaging. The goods are then returned to your stock.

Preparation of goods: as though fresh from the factory

If customers send back incomplete items, we make sure that these are processed right away. We replace any missing parts, add new instructions for use, or freshly prepare garments. We give our all to make sure your products are returned to their original glory.

Returns: back to the start

If items are damaged or in a condition that does not allow resale, we will also arrange for them to be returned to you, the manufacturer or a repair service partner of your choice. Here we have an eye on the entire supply chain and help to ensure that the goods in their entirety reach their destination safely. We provide fast and transparent information every step of the way, so that you never lose track.

Sustainable recycling – for the sake of the environment

Would you like defective goods to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner? Then we have just the thing for you. Our comprehensive returns management includes sustainable and ecological recycling of unusable goods. If returned goods cannot be added to the inventory again, we dispose of them in a responsible manner.

Proactive avoidance of returns

We take things one step further for you. Because, in addition to efficiently handling returned items, we also provide you with important data on the reasons for return. Based on the evaluation of such data, you can edit product texts or illustrations of the items, for example. In this way you can help to prevent future returns and save a lot of money.

Increase your efficiency now!