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Marketing makes the difference in online trading



Bielefeld, September 12, 2022 – E-commerce and logistics are inextricably linked. Because logistics fulfills the promises made by online retailers to their end customers. But what to do if the logistics for online trade are already optimized in their processes to such an extent that fast delivery times and shipping quality are no longer relevant decision criteria for consumers when choosing the “right” online shop because the logistics work? Then marketing makes the difference. The experts and speakers agreed on this at this year’s E-Commerce BBQ on September 2, 2022, organized by the logistics service provider B+S GmbH Logistik und dienstleistungen, in Bielefeld. But where is the journey of (online) marketing in e-commerce headed? And how should e-commerce deal with the current consumer skepticism in the face of war and inflation?

For the fifth time, the e-commerce BBQ, which has now established itself as an industry meeting place for exchange in a relaxed atmosphere, attracted e-commerce professionals, logistics experts and other interested visitors to the B+S premises in Bielefeld – and this while the fulfillment operation is running. Because while the around 680 participants in the event were listening to speaker presentations, networking and consuming delicacies from the smoker, around 30,000 packages left the location in the direction of end customers. All of these recipients had one thing in common: They made the choice for an online shop. A dream for all providers in e-commerce. But before such a conversion occurs, a lot of preparatory work and optimization is required – the speakers at this year’s E-Commerce BBQ know that.

Data is the be-all and end-all

Keynote speaker, bestselling author and consultant Felix Beilharz and Jonas Rashedi, Director Data & Analytics at Perfumery Douglas GmbH, are certain that marketing makes the difference between whether a customer chooses Shop A or Shop B. However, marketing relies heavily on data. However, online retail is already facing an enormous challenge, especially in terms of targeting. Because due to the tightening of data protection guidelines as part of the GDPR and the iOS14 update, advertising targeting and tracking have been significantly restricted. For example, online shops lose a large part of the data during the customer journey due to the blocking of third party cookies, the App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT) or installed ad blockers, as Jonas Rashedi impressively calculates. And where no data comes in about consumer preferences or habits, no targeted marketing comes out either. Or? Yes, according to Felix Beilharz. However, marketers in online trading have to accept a certain loss of control. Because e-commerce players often only have the option of placing automated ads and letting the respective channel – from Google Ads to Facebook – select the targeting criteria.

Automation is increasing in all areas of marketing

Saim Rolf Alkan, speaker at the E-Commerce BBQ and CEO of AX Semantics GmbH, also knows that automation is not only playing an increasingly important role in ad placement. He presented his company’s solution for automated and AI-based product text creation. According to the expert, this is the only way to keep the product description varied, informative and always up-to-date, especially for online shops with a large and varied range. The software solution learns from “good copywriters”, according to Saim Rolf Alkan, and can now run on its own. This gives online shops the certain speed they need to always convince consumers with the most up-to-date information.

From shop to service provider

An online shop should not only convince through its marketing, but also through a change in self-image. “Be more of a service provider and not just a shop,” demands Katharina Stapel at the E-Commerce BBQ. Behind their demand is the appeal to take the concerns and needs of consumers seriously and to adapt the offer and service accordingly. The managing director of Stapelfux GmbH and consultant for sales and advertising psychology cites inflation as an example. “People are skeptical when it comes to large investments for fear of not being able to pay the installments,” says Katharina Stapel. According to the expert, the appropriate approach to take away this fear from consumers and thus still tempt them to make purchases on their own online shop is a concession by the shop as a service provider. For example, with the option of pausing installments or reversing the contract in the worst case.

Constant optimization – in marketing and fulfillment

So there is a rethink on the plan in marketing in online shops. Away from detailed targeting towards the accepted loss of control. Away from manual work towards automated processes. Away from the shop way of thinking towards understanding as a service provider. And just as online shops take this last step and take it seriously, they move closer to logistics services and fulfillment. And the closer e-commerce and fulfillment come together, the greater the potential for joint optimization.

Stefan Brinkmann, Managing Director of B+S and initiator of the E-Commerce BBQ, is more than satisfied with the anniversary edition: “Five events, five records. We are very pleased that we were not only able to break our visitor record, but also create a framework to promote the exchange of trades from logistics to digital marketing in e-commerce. We would like to thank all sponsors and partners who made this possible and are already looking forward to the next E-Commerce BBQ on September 1, 2023.”

About the E-Commerce BBQ

The healthy mix of professional input and relaxed networking: So far, over 1,500 participants have been able to experience this at the previous e-commerce BBQs. And B+S is also planning to network logistics professionals, e-commerce specialists and interested parties for this year’s industry event. In order for this project to succeed, more than 21 speakers provide a holistic view of online trading and illuminate current trends and tips for e-commerce and the logistics behind it. In addition, we also take care of your physical well-being with grilled specialties from the smoker

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