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Logistics is a key factor in online trading



Bielefeld, September 1st, 2021 – For some it is a means to an end, for others it is the mainstay of their business model: logistics. On one point, however, German e-commerce experts agree: the planning and management of supply chains is becoming more important and integrated supply chain management is becoming more important. The focus is primarily on the needs and expectations of sensitive online customers. Because: Logistics can create a positive shopping experience.

E-commerce experts see the importance of supply chain management as growing

Germany’s e-commerce community will meet in Bielefeld on September 3rd. The fourth E-Commerce BBQ – organized by the logistics service provider B+S – is about trends and developments in online trading. The topic of logistics is also on the agenda. Over 500 participants are expected, 32 speakers will provide technical input, report on successful practical examples and present successful e-commerce strategies.

One of the participants is Doreen Schumm, Head of Marketplace Sales at She talks about successful sales strategies in online marketplaces. “In order to be successful in e-commerce these days, you have to offer customers an all-round successful shopping experience”, she is convinced and adds: “Many factors play a role here: from product presentation to order processing and delivery at the expected time.” For the e-commerce specialist, “service providers in the logistics industry make a decisive contribution to customer satisfaction.” Doreen Schumm expects logisticians to have “transparent customer communication and flexible delivery options.”

Flexibility and reliable processes are expected

For Norbert Hegmann, CEO of the online supermarket myEnso, logistics is even an essential pillar of the business model: “As an e-commerce company with highly sensitive products such as food, the handling of these products is an elementary factor for our business success. Logistics and the associated IT are key factors in our business model, ”he says. Norbert Hegmann therefore expects his logistics service providers to offer “maximum flexibility and maximum process reliability at the same time.”

Smooth logistics generate positive buying experiences

The price is an essential purchase criterion in online trading. But the purchase decision is influenced by other factors. And this is where logistics come into play: “Retailers who can score points with good logistics gain a real advantage over their competitors,” says Thomas Kurschat, Senior B2B Marketing Manager at idealo internet GmbH and speaker at E -Commerce BBQ.“ As a comparison and shopping platform without our own fulfillment, we only have indirect contact with logistics. Nevertheless, a well-functioning logistics system is extremely important for idealo and our trading partners. ”The foundation of a good customer experience is always“ that the ordered goods arrive punctually and undamaged”, says Thomas Kurschat and adds: “In addition to the end customers, the dealers themselves also benefit from this. A positive buying experience is generated through smooth and punctual delivery.” reports the e-commerce expert.

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