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Logistics as a job engine: what kind of job would you like to have?


News Borgholzhausen, February 1st, 2023 – Where is something like that? Diverse job descriptions for all school degrees, with good future prospects and many development opportunities throughout your professional life – that’s what warehouse logistics offers. Everyone will find what they are looking for here, regardless of whether they prefer to work in the office or are out and about with full physical exertion – many professions even offer something of both. We present four typical professions here and let a representative from the B+S Paderborn location have their say: What is the day-to-day work like? What fascinates about the place?

A large American e-commerce company has created the wrong image for many people in recent years through negative headlines that logistics – and especially warehouse logistics – only offers boring, lonely and repetitive odd jobs in high-bay warehouses. Not even close! Many professions require several years of training, and what is even more important: logistics is such a dynamic and open environment that you can develop much more over the course of your professional life than in other sectors and professions. It never gets boring here. And respectable careers with many and increasingly demanding positions are not uncommon in logistics – mostly without even having to change employers.

We present four careers in the field of warehousing and contract logistics as examples and have interviewed four B+S employees at the Paderborn site. They all have one thing in common and a mandatory requirement for a job in logistics: enjoy working in a team! Because logistics lives from cooperation! And a warehouse with 30,000 square meters of logistics space and a hall height of 14 meters like in Paderborn can only be organized if the colleagues contribute their personal skills to the site team on a daily basis.

René Brandt, warehouse manager at B+S in Paderborn

René is 44 years old and has been the warehouse manager for over a year. He started out as a warehouse logistics specialist. A three-year apprenticeship that should not be confused with a warehouse clerk! As a warehouse clerk, you only need two years of training and the work is a bit more practical. Both professions require organizational skills, physical fitness, spatial imagination as well as prudence and a sense of responsibility. Specialists in warehouse logistics ensure the:

  • Organization of loading and unloading of new goods
  • Visual inspection and examination of the accompanying documents
  • Planning of the storage place
  • Planning of delivery routes including preparation of the accompanying documents
  • Security in the warehouse
  • Exploring new sources of goods and developing comparisons of offers

As warehouse manager, René now monitors all of his colleagues’ activities and also takes care of occupational safety. When asked what he particularly likes about his job, he replies: “We have a great team in Paderborn that works very dedicatedly, so warehouse management works very well. Otherwise, even after many years, the job is still as exciting and varied as I imagined it to be when I first chose my career. It was and is important to me to choose a varied profession, and that has also come true.”

Alexandra Czerwinska, contract logistics team leader at B+S in Paderborn

26-year-old Alexandra has been working at B+S for five years. She has already completed her commercial training here and worked in this area until she was promoted to team leader. Her tasks are very varied, she works in driver dispatch and checks that everything is running properly. In general, she works both in the office and “on site” in the warehouse and takes on tasks in both areas. There are also human resources activities. Above all, the daily variety and the wide range of activities make Alexandra enjoy her job.

“I also think it’s great about the team in Paderborn that I deal with really many interesting people from different cultures and we all get along so well,” says Alexandra happily.

Marcel Schröder, reach truck driver at B+S in Paderborn

Marcel is 46 years old and has been driving reach trucks for 20 years, since last year also at B+S in Paderborn. And when you listen to Marcel and see how skilfully he zooms through the aisles of the high-bay warehouse with his forklift, you immediately realize that driving a forklift is still fun even after 20 years. Sometimes it’s really easy to make your childhood dream come true. What he particularly likes about B+S in Paderborn is that everyone helps everyone here without making a fuss. In order to become a reach truck driver, you need at least two days of basic training, which can be followed by additional training for reach trucks after you have passed the exam. A written order from the employer is required for all courses. In addition, a theoretical instruction of about half a day must be completed annually.

Anna-Lena Imke, project manager at B+S in Paderborn

Anna-Lena is 28 years old and started as a project manager at B+S last year. Her tasks include optimizing processes related to warehouse logistics and implementing new customers. To do this, she works with the customer to plan new shelves based on their logistics processes or create specifications. “Project management in logistics is very varied, I deal with tasks that change every day and I work both in the office and often on site in the warehouse. I like that very much,” says Anna-Lena.

These are just four possible careers in warehouse logistics that show how diverse and exciting work in this area is. People of all levels of education come together here and create logistical added value for their customers. Are you also interested in an exciting job in logistics and want to be part of the team? Then take a look at our careers page! From training to dual studies to jobs for experienced professionals, you can find everything there – for 13 different locations.