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B+S grows with its customers at the Paderborn site

Press release

Borgholzhausen, April 20, 2021 – The logistics service provider B+S GmbH Logistik und dienstleistungen is already reporting almost full occupancy at the new Paderborn location. The largest customer at the warehouse in East Westphalia is Grillfuerst. B+S takes on comprehensive logistics services in the area of e-commerce fulfillment for the B2C online shop for the grill specialist trade. In addition, B+S also supplies the stationary Grillfuerst shops and food retailers.

Gut sechs Monate nach der Eröffnung sind die 30.000 Quadratmeter Lagerfläche im Logistikpark Paderborn vollständig belegt. „Wir sind sehr stolz, dass wir in Paderborn erfolgreich den nächsten Schritt in unserer Wachstumskurve nehmen“, freut sich Geschäftsführer Stefan Brinkmann. „Logistik bleibt ein Sektor mit hohem Entwicklungspotential. Sie ist unentbehrliche Stütze für Industrie und Handel. Wir zeigen mit unserem Konzept, dass wir flexibel auf jegliche Kundenanforderungen reagieren und die passende Lösung entwickeln.“

Fokus auf Multichannel-Logistik und Peakmanagement

A good six months after the opening, the 30,000 square meters of storage space in the Paderborn logistics park are fully occupied. “We are very proud that we are successfully taking the next step in our growth curve in Paderborn,” says Managing Director Stefan Brinkmann. “Logistics remains a sector with high development potential. It is an indispensable support for industry and trade. With our concept, we show that we react flexibly to any customer requirements and develop the right solution.“

Focus on multichannel logistics and peak management

This also applies to the biggest customer of B+S in Paderborn, the barbecue specialist Grillfuerst. This sells its products and goods to end consumers via a multi-channel trading concept, in its own shops and via a comprehensive online shop. In the B2B sector, he also supplies the food retail trade (LEH) and other trade levels. Grillfuerst’s business is characterized by high seasonality. “Summer is just around the corner. For companies in this retail sector, spring is the peak,” says Stefan Brinkmann. “We didn’t have much time to start up our operations from the opening of the hall until today. We are all the more pleased that we can now meet the different requirements of our customers so successfully at full capacity.” B+S is taking care of all of the logistics for Grillfuerst, including storage and delivery to the various points of sale.

Logistics service becomes full service

For logistics customers, the complete assumption of logistical services is becoming increasingly important. Companies from industry and trade do not only need individual services such as transport or storage to process their business today. They demand logistics processes that are completely scalable and fast for their needs. “The flexibility of B+S, the profound reaction to daily challenges and the deep expertise in automation make our cooperation special,” reports Ralf Geishauser from Grillfuerst GmbH. “During the selection process, we focused on special B2C knowledge, i.e. logistics from a large warehouse to thousands of end customers. This also includes the networking of IT systems for fast service processing. B+S guarantees that.” It is precisely the combination of the requirements of retail and business with end customers in connection with a heterogeneous product structure that requires an effective integration of IT solutions. “At the site, we map those processes with high individual volumes for retail as well as the smaller-scale processes from Grillfuerst’s e-commerce business,” explains Stefan Brinkmann. “Regardless of whether we are transporting barbecue sauces by the pallet to the food retail trade or mapping the shipping of a large barbecue to individual customers: we have to digitally integrate many different platforms into our system via IT. Be it the transport management system of the CEP service provider for the transport, the integration of the online shop into our warehouse backend or the processing of a return.”

Conveniently located multi-user location

The convenient location of the site on the A33 between the Ruhr area, southern Lower Saxony and the Hanover metropolitan region is another decisive factor for Grillfuerst. “A large proportion of the grills and accessories arrive in Paderborn via container via the port of Hamburg within three hours. From there, fast nationwide distribution to the end customer is guaranteed. For the most part, even the next day,” emphasizes Ralf Geishauser.

For even more efficient processes, B+S in Paderborn is combining block storage technology with an automatic shuttle system for the first time. With a height of 14 meters, the hall offers space to optimize storage space with high-bay warehouses on a small footprint. “The facility was built as a multi-user location, the hall zones can be flexibly separated. This allows us to flexibly adapt storage space. This construction method is a guideline for future projects,” emphasizes the managing director.

B+S also supported the issue of sustainability in the design and construction of the property. It was built according to the gold standard of the German Sustainable Building Council. Like all B+S branches throughout Germany, the location meets the requirements of the International Featured Standard (IFS) and is certified according to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). “Especially the food trade and the associated industry guarantee high safety standards. The logistics service provider must do the same,” explains Stefan Brinkmann. B+S continues to grow as part of the Nagel Group and thus Europe’s largest food logistics company in this retail sector and also supplies other food retail partners in Paderborn. In addition, B+S has achieved Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status at all company locations. In this way, the company can establish faster customs processes and simplify customs controls.