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Saving lives together – B+S is a partner of “Blut transportiert”



Borgholzhausen, March 4, 2021 – Blood transports oxygen, nutrients and hormones. Logistics transports food, medicines and all other goods. In addition to their function as conveyors of vital substances and products, both have one more thing in common: You often only recognize what they do when they no longer work.

The logistics initiative “Blood transports”, an amalgamation of over 20 companies from the logistics sector, has taken this parallel as an opportunity to organize organizations such as the German Red Cross (, DKMS ( and Co. to support them in their fight against blood cancer and other diseases of the hematopoietic system.

Since February 2021, we at B+S have also been partners in this initiative, which wants to help with deeds instead of words. The deeds can be designed differently. Whether a blood donation campaign in the company, stem cell typing, participation in community donation events or very own creative ideas: every act helps to save human lives. We are therefore happy to be able to make our contribution to this wonderful initiative, represented by Nosta Holding (

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