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Is online trading sweeping inner cities empty?



Bielefeld, August 25, 2022 – How sustainable is the e-commerce boom? And how much does stationary retail in East Westphalia suffer from online retail? The answer to that is not easy. The fact is: Neither sales channel can do without functioning logistics that transport goods and goods safely and punctually around the world. Industry and trade need logistics like they need air to breathe. For Stefan Brinkmann, founder and managing director of B+S, this is reason enough to set up his own event on the subject of e-commerce. With great success – because this year the crème de la crème of German online trade will meet for the fifth time in Bielefeld for the almost legendary E-Commerce BBQ.

How online and stationary trade complement each other in East Westphalia

Whether in East Westphalia, in Germany or beyond: the worlds of stationary trade and online trade are getting closer and closer. Stationary trade is looking for new sales channels on the web, online trade is looking for proximity to consumers in the region. Functioning logistics are crucial for both worlds. And the East Westphalia region offers plenty of that. One of the reasons why logistics in the region continues to grow is the favorable infrastructural connection. Another example of the importance of logistics in the region is the Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) as a trade association for buyers, supply chain managers and logisticians in Germany and continental Europe, which settled here as early as 1954. The Technical University of Applied Sciences OWL provides several courses of study for the appropriate young logistics talent from the region.

From the region for the whole industry

The logistics company B+S was founded in this environment more than 20 years ago. During this time, the company experienced how logistics and e-commerce grew ever closer together, how requirements and needs increased and the associated processes became more and more complex. In response to this, B+S invested early on in the continuous creation of jobs on site – with a Germany-wide increase of 1,200 employees in 21 years – with which the logistics service provider also helps smaller regional companies, greater awareness and sales via online trading to reach. “For far too long, stationary trade on the one hand and online trade on the other have been talked about as if they were irreconcilable opposites that were exclusively directed against each other,” explains B+S Managing Director Stefan Brinkmann. “On the other hand, our experience and development, especially in recent years, show that both need each other and can even complement each other in some areas.” For example, numerous consumers also use online shops as a research and comparison opportunity. In addition, web shops are an important advertising platform for companies by providing more visibility. And last but not least, small companies in particular place their products directly in the marketplaces of large e-commerce providers for this reason in order to draw the attention of potential customers. “This requires an online marketing strategy, with which small and medium-sized companies in particular need support,” says Stefan Brinkmann. Against this background, the B+S E-Commerce BBQ, which will take place on September 2, 2022, was created five years ago.

Industry expertise meets in Bielefeld

Since then, the elite of the online trade industry has met annually on the first Friday in September in Bielefeld. The event, which is also well-known and relevant beyond the region, brings together experts from logistics and e-commerce from East Westphalia and all over Germany to exchange views on the latest trends in retail. “With our e-commerce BBQ we want to network the online trade and logistics sectors and make a statement in the region and beyond – a statement on the linking of the trades, stationary and online trade, the region and the whole of Germany,” explains Stefan Brinkmann, managing partner of B+S.

About the E-Commerce BBQ

The healthy mix of professional input and relaxed networking: So far, over 1,500 participants have been able to experience this at the previous e-commerce BBQs. And B+S is also planning to network logistics professionals, e-commerce specialists and interested parties for this year’s industry event. In order for this project to succeed, more than 21 speakers provide a holistic view of online trading and illuminate current trends and tips for e-commerce and the logistics behind it. In addition, we also take care of your physical well-being with grilled specialties from the smoker

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