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E-commerce: Creating opportunities, driving growth

Online trade is dynamic and varied. And above all, it is a huge growth market that presents very special challenges: an online shop needs to present all its products in the best possible light and quickly and conveniently give users precisely the product information that will encourage them to convert. For your successful online trade, you need free space for warehousing, picking and packing, omni-channel strategies and a connection to marketplaces that offer high-volume sales. Processes must be scalable to suit the smallest quantities as well as large peaks. Customers expect the fastest possible delivery times, customised delivery options – from same-day to desired location – and complete and transparent shipping information. With our e-commerce fulfillment service you get the best out of your online range – to create more growth in your business.

Create powerful interfaces

We create connections for you: between online shops and marketplaces, digital shop systems and physical logistics – in warehousing and shipping. Our IT experts work with you to establish appropriate and secure connections. We make sure that you always have an overview of your sales and your stock in our warehouses. So your online business never stands still.

Optimised processes as a game changer

As your fulfilment service provider in the B2B and B2C sector, we continuously optimise your supply chain and, wherever appropriate, automate individual processes in a targeted manner. We make effective suggestions on how you can become even better. Optimise your revenues and let us contribute to your success!

Prevent returns from causing spiralling costs

At the same time, we ensure that returned products are processed efficiently and put back into circulation as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we inspect and classify each return and check it for completeness. Depending on the condition of the goods, we process them, put them back into storage, repackage them, or dispose of them in the proper manner. And we go one step further: with our preventive returns management, we transform the data we collect on the returns into valuable information on how you can minimise returns in the future.

Increase your success in online trade!