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Experience current e-commerce trends live

Bielefeld, September 3, 2019 – From 2021, a series of single-use plastic products are to be banned from the everyday life of EU citizens. In the e-commerce sector, online retailers are already working intensively on the implementation of new and environmentally friendly packaging methods. Tchibo and Otto go ahead and test reusable packaging that is sent back to the manufacturer after use. Has “Fridays for Future” also arrived in online retail? Yes, says Ralf Kreuzer, Sales Director at packaging dealer Rajapack. He will report on this on September 6, 2019 at the E-Commerce BBQ in Bielefeld. The industry expert, however, still defines a consumer trend that is reinventing packaging.

Whether paper, mushrooms or corn starch – the list of environmentally friendly packaging materials is long. Because it is not possible to send goods without packaging. Especially not in e-commerce. Nevertheless, the trend towards sustainability and resource conservation can also be seen there. Tchibo and Otto are currently testing returnable shipping systems. In the best case scenario, this would save up to six million single-use packaging a year. This change is also confirmed from the perspective of a packaging retailer: “We see a clear trend towards environmental friendliness when inquiring at RAJA,” says Ralf Kreuzer.

But consumers want even more than compostable mailing bags. Packaging should not only be good for the environment. Packaging is also a brand ambassador. They convey emotions and offer an experience. “We clearly recognize two packaging trends in the field of e-commerce: sustainability and product presentation. Both are issues that have a great impact on the unpacking experience and thus on the image of the shipper, ”says Ralf Kreuzer.

Ralf Kreuzer, Sales Director at Rajapack GmbH, reports more from the world of packaging trends in his lecture “‘Fridays for Future’ – The Future of E-Commerce Packaging”. The industry expert is one of over 20 speakers who are giving insights into their working world at this year’s e-commerce BBQ. They report on the trends of online retail and their experience with topics such as the selection of the right sales channels, channel-specific optimized content, marketing and social media as well as the logistics behind it. B+S GmbH Logistik und Dienstleistungen organizes the E-Commerce BBQ for the third time.

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