We give something back to nature

Quality is the best recipe? Yes, but only if it goes hand in hand with a sense of responsibility. This is why ecological sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. In concrete terms, this means: The vehicles in our modern fleet meet the strictest emissions standards. We use sustainable materials in our logistics facilities and optimise the energy efficiency of our buildings – we live and breathe green logistics!

CO2 emissions are reduced using route optimisation software

Eco-efficient buildings and DGNB gold/platin certificate

Consistent bundling of the flow of goods and optimal utilisation of loading space

Environmentally friendly vehicles

Driver training in how to optimise fuel efficiency

Environmentally friendly materials and resource-conserving working methods

Resource-conserving lighting concept with LED lighting and motion detectors

20 percent reduction of CO2 emissions in 5 years

Thermally insulated warehouse roofs according to the German energy saving ordinance (EnEV)

Logistics areas designed with energy efficiency in mind

Minimal use of paper in administrative processes

Videoconferencing as an alternative to business trips

We pursue the goal of conserving and maintaining natural resources. This is why we like to give something back to nature: we have up to 600,000 busy bees buzzing in our company-owned hives. They are indispensable for the balance of the ecosystem and for a properly functioning agricultural system. Sweet spin-off: we produce our own honey – and our processes run perfectly in our “honey warehouse” too.

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